Thin Laptops? How Thin?

Tue 06 December 2016

The early laptops though smaller than desktops used to be quite bulky and thick. People did not mind the weight or thickness because laptops allowed them to carry their computers where they went. This did beat the need to be in a chair in front of a desk each time you wished to use a computer mobile laptop desk stand. But with time the voices for a more slim and light weight laptop kept growing louder. The computer manufacturers had to push the boundaries to make laptops more slim and light weight.

This gave rise to a whole new segment of laptops known as ultraportable laptops. These laptops are very slim and still offer same features that a normal laptop would. The slim laptops make them easy to carry around and there is a reduction in weight too. Some laptops are slim enough to slip into a manila envelope.

These laptops use methods to prevent loss of energy in form of heat to the surroundings which make them more efficient and tackle the age old problem of overheating that laptops face. Though they might be slim they match the speed and processing power of normal sized laptops. Hence there is no size to power trade off.

Let’s study a few of these thin laptops available in the market these days:

• Apple MacBook Air- the MacBook air is the laptop which can be credited with kicking off the revolution of thin laptops. The laptops frame is a slim Unibody which reduces weight. It has a very slim high resolution screen with a small but powerful camera embedded above the screen.

The keyboard is a full sized keyboard and is backlit. The unique feature about this thin laptop is that it uses flash memory for all its storage needs. There is no bulky hard drive which take up space and consumes considerable amount of energy. The MacBook air weighs just 3.0 pounds and is 12.8 inches wide and 8.94 inches deep.

• Samsung 9 series – The Samsung 9 series laptops is an ultra-thin laptop and a worthy competitor to the MacBook air. It is 0.7 inches thick and weighs less than 3 pounds.  It comes with 4GB of ram compared to 2GB offered to you by apple. It has a 128 GB Solid state drive which is what is used in MacBook too. It however does not have a dedicated video card and runs the integrated Intel HD 3000 for its graphic needs. The 13 inch screen also has antiglare which is good for your eyes if you spend hours with your laptop each day.