Forskolin for Muscle Gain

Tue 14 February 2017

If your life is too busy to dedicate hours to the gym or a weight training program, you still shouldn’t give up. Good news! You can build muscle fast through less time consuming methods. Truly these days, science is your friend!

Do you want that sculpted body that will draw eyes and have you walking tall? All of that is within your reach if you just care to start taking the right muscle building supplements.

Forskolin is one of the best natural muscle building supplements though it is often neglected.

No joke—just take a few minutes to look into muscle building foods and healthy muscle building supplements and you will quickly realize that attaining the physique you deserve is not that great deal, after all.

Think of supplements for men, and one name that you cannot afford to miss is Forskolin.

You might snicker at the name (yes, it does bring circumcision to mind) but from a scientific standpoint, Forskolin (named after the plant from which it is derived) proves itself to be a solid investment in the arena of muscle building supplements for beginners.

Extracted from the roots of the herb Coleus forskohlii, this natural supplement consistently heads experts’ lists of top 10 muscle building supplements for men.

Whether used alone or in combination with other supplements, the herbal extract, Forskolin acts on the body in several ways, resulting in a rapid buildup of body muscle mass.

Putting the physiological process into simple terms, Forskolin boosts your body’s natural production of testosterone (which in turn beefs up your production of skeletal muscle cells, adding muscle mass) and acts on your thyroid to increase metabolism.

Additionally, it also increases the level of cAMP (cyclic Adenosine MonoPhosphate), which can be described as a “messenger” at the cellular level, sending your body signals to keep producing muscle. Although that is a simplified explanation, it is an accurate description of what is going to happen at cellular level when you intake Forskolin.

You are probably more interested in what this means for you in the big picture, looking at the “whole body” level of results.

The visible, tangible (and rapid!) result of taking Forskolin is that your muscle tone will become more defined. In a nutshell, your muscles will grow, increasing your body strength measurably.

What You Gain (and What You Don’t Have to Give Up) Using Forskolin

You won’t have to sacrifice your health if you take Forskolin: it’s 100% natural and herb-based.

Until recently, you would have had to make some sacrifices in order to attain the anatomy you want. Strict dieting and extensive weight workouts would certainly have been the order of the day. Now, however, you can take advantage of opportunities afforded by science-based supplements that essentially do the work for you at the cellular level.

While it is certainly true that the results can be enhanced even further with the addition of exercise and a thoughtfully planned high protein diet, the fact remains that Forskolin will be entirely effective even if you do not have time to hit the gym or micromanage your meals.

These days it is often the case that a busy professional has trouble making time for extensive workouts or weight training at a club or gym. Whereas a man used to have to make choices about his time, sacrificing work obligations or personal interests in order to log training time, you don’t have to invest your time to attain and enjoy a sculpted and muscular body.

Not anymore.

Nor do you have to give up the foods you love or avoid going to your favorite diners.

Simply add the recommended dosage of Forskolin to your diet, go about your normal life, and watch your body change for the better!

Side Effects of Forskolin

You may be conditioned to think of negative connotations when you hear or read the phrase “side effects”. However, the phrase truly refers to the body’s additional reactions to the substance in question, aside from the intended effect for which you specifically take the substance.

In the case of Forskolin being used to improve your strength and muscle tone, some of those “side effects” are entirely positive. Perhaps the most welcome example of a positive side effect is the fact that Forskolin acts on the body to shed weight as well as to add muscle.

The increase in testosterone, thyroid function, and cAMP production — as mentioned above — also affects the body’s metabolism and fat burning. The pleasant side effect of this physiological change is that your body burns fat faster. As a result, you will begin to lose any traces of love handles or belly fat that might be bothering you.

And all of that shows the same time that your muscle mass is increasing and your physique is toning up. Additionally, given that muscle cells act as fat burners, you essentially get a two-pronged attack on those fat cells.

Ultimately you will probably gain pounds, because muscle mass is more dense than fat tissue, but this is a positive gain because you are trading that fat for solid muscle.

Before you add any supplement to your intake, it is also important to be aware of possible unfavorable effects.

Fortunately, with regard to Forskolin, this is not a scary list. The primary “warnings” you may find related to Forskolin supplements are that it is less effective for women (being a testosterone booster), and that its effectiveness as a fat burning aid varies with different users.

As a man whose primary focus is building muscle rather than burning fat, these cautions will not cause you much concern!

Adding Forskolin to your Regimen

Forskolin helps your body work more fat into muscle: you need to keep getting at least some exercise though.

You probably don’t want to wait another day before you add Forskolin to your regimen.

You can choose from different formulations available online or in supplement stores.

Think about it. You will be sporting a new physique in no time at all, and without the drudgery of constant workouts.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?