Credit Card Processing Over the Internet

Tue 10 January 2017

In today’s competitive business environment it’s important that you have all the tools possible to achieve success. If you’re planning on doing business online and you need to take payments for your products or snabblån services, it’s critical that your website have credit card processing utilizing an internet merchant account.

Why is an internet merchant account so important?

Customers like to use their credit cards when making purchases from businesses online because they know it adds an extra level of protection. If they buy something and for whatever reason they’re not happy with the product or service, they have more control of the situation. If the business does not fix the problem to the customer’s satisfaction, the customer can dispute (charge back) the transaction and potentially recover their funds. They can’t do that with a money order or check.

Your business has to get approved for a merchant account. Since there is an approval process regulated by the Visa/MasterCard associations, your business looks much more legitimate if you accept credit cards. Customers know that your business has been checked out by a third party who has approved you to sell your product or service online.

A few other advantages of being able to accept credit card purchases are:

High ticket items - If you sell expensive items it’s even more crucial that you provide your customers with credit card processing. Your potential customers might not have enough money in their checking account to buy your product or service. If they have the option to put it on their credit card and make monthly payments, the chance of converting them to a sale is much higher.

Impulse buyers - If a customer visits your site and a competitor’s site, whom do you think they’ll buy from: the site that offers credit card processing and can ship in 1-2 days; or the site that doesn’t have an internet merchant account and has to wait 10-14 days for a check to clear? Merchants with credit card processing services can ship product much quicker, since they can get real-time approval on credit cards.

Rewards programs - People love to use their credit cards because of all the perks they receive from their issuer.

If you’re going to do business online you need credit card processing services on your website. There are plenty of cheap internet merchant accounts out there if you shop around and ask the right questions.

Michael Rupkalvis operates The Transaction Group website. The site offers information on credit card processing and provides merchants with cheap credit card processing rates, along with superior customer service.